Created for Blackthornprod GAME JAM #1 - Theme Game Development

It's a simple PuzzleGame with 7 Stages where you have to Set the right bools.

The Intention behind is the struggle of keeping track which conditions the booleans have and what they switch. At least for a beginner in Coding like me it was a hard way to learn that making notes and comments  saves lifetime.

  • Audio by miggl
  • Code by miggl
  • Graphics by miggl
  • Done in 48h 


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Hey man, I think your gameplay needs more depth. Problem is it gets boring/pointless after some rounds. But I have to say, I think the music and overall graphics is cool and thematic. Keep up the work! :) Also the options is a great idea, expand on that!

Thx! I totally agree with the gameplay depth, that was th epoin twhy i only made 7 lvls ;) but i had in the 48h programming this no very good idea to improve the "try and error" I was glad i got this to run so far bevore the deadline.

Hey the sprites, animations and the sounds are very nice. I love how you integrated the settings seamlessly right into the main game. I just didnt understand how the game works. It seems like there is a specific bool for each condition and you just have to press the correct one in the correct order. It would have been nice if it had more of a puzzle game instead of a memorization one, also because its pretty easy to memorize only 3 conditions per level. But cool idea and hope you flesh it out more

Thx! I am already planning to improve the "try and error" thing into more puzzleish thing. 

Had to cut out the scene transition for now, its somehow borken. Fix is in development! greez miggl